Our Values

Our brand of accounting service combines personal concern for each client with professional care. In addition to our experience and expertise, we bring these values to everything we do.

Respect for our clients and each other. Our people are our strength, and our clients are the reason we are in business. As such, we provide experience, expertise, and hands-on attention to every assignment. We strive to educate our clients, because the more knowledge they have, the greater their financial independence and security.

Integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards. In addition to meeting the standards of our profession, we are committed to delivering the highest quality product which meets or exceeds the client’s expectations and takes into account the big picture of the client’s financial future. All client information and records remain in our offices. We do not send any accounting work offshore.

Care. Because we know and care about our clients, we respond to your concerns, issues, and questions within 24 hours. We also take a proactive approach of reminding clients of deadlines, helping them plan for the future, and sending them articles pertaining to their particular concerns or larger issues that may impact them financially.

Quality. Our approach to quality goes beyond accounting. We strive to improve the quality of our clients’ lives by helping to solve problems. We want our clients to worry less, to feel more financially secure, and to know that we are always available.

Listening to learn. We listen closely to our client’s thoughts so that we fully understand their financial goals and tailor our program to fit their needs, not ours. While we are listening, we are learning from them, and as we work together, we hope they will learn from us for greater financial strength and security.

Service with added value. We work as a team to satisfy our clients, applying our broad expertise and attention to detail to every project. Then we go beyond that to put each project in the context of the client’s broad financial goals.