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Wedding plans should include some tax planning

Ask the typical summer bride and groom what’s included in the wedding plans, and they probably won’t mention a thorough tax review. Yet, the tax and financial aspects of getting married are not to be taken lightly. Consider the following

Medicare Surtax and What You Need to Know

Prepare for the Medicare surtax in your 2014 planning The new 3.8% Medicare surtax on net investment income (NII) appears to be here to stay. If this tax caught you by surprise when you filed your 2013 tax return, you

Estimated Tax Payments – News to Avoid Penalties

Do you need to make estimated tax payments? Many taxpayers have income on which there is no withholding, such as interest, dividends, rental or royalty income, or business income. If this is your situation, you’ll want to see if you’re

Tax Tips: When are you required to file a gift tax return?

Are you planning to give sizeable gifts to family members? Due to generous provisions in the tax code, you may not owe any federal gift tax, but you still might be required to a file a gift tax return. Here’s

February and March 2014 Tax Deadlines – IRS Tax Number Adjustments

The following are the February and March 2014 tax deadlines: February 18 – Deadline for providing 2013 Forms 1099-B and 1099-S to recipients. February 28 – Payers must file 2013 information returns (such as 1099s) with the IRS. (Electronic filers

Use adjusted tax numbers in your 2013 planning

The IRS and the Social Security Administration have published some inflation adjusted numbers for 2013. Use these numbers as you begin your tax and financial planning for 2013.