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Tax News: New Overtime Pay Rules & Form 5500 Filing Reminder

July 2016 Tax News Will you be ready for the new overtime pay rules? In May, the Department of Labor updated the rules for paying overtime. Under the new rules, salaried employees who earn less than $913 per week ($47,476

Important Tax Deadlines in June 2016 You Need to Know


There are important tax deadlines in June 2016 that you will want to be aware of. Both the deadline for your second estimated tax payment and the deadline for filing a 2015 Foreign Financial Accounts are both this month. In

Major April 2016 Tax Deadlines

April 2016 tax deadlines

Is your tax return finished? If not, this year you have an extra day – or two – to file. April 18, 2016, is the due date to file your 2015 individual federal income tax return and pay any balance

Major Tax Deadlines for March 2016 & The myRA

March 2016 Tax Deadlines The following are the major tax deadlines for March 2016:

Upcoming Tax Deadlines – Inflation-Adjusted 2016 Tax Numbers

Upcoming Tax Deadlines

February and March 2016 Upcoming Tax Deadlines The upcoming tax deadlines for February and March 2016 include:

2016 Standard Mileage Rates, Cash Management & Tax Deadlines

Standard Mileage Rates Reduced for 2016 The Internal Revenue Service released the 2016 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. On January 1, 2016, the following

October 2015 Tax Filing Reminders & Tax News

The following are October 2015’s tax filing dates: October 2015 Tax Filing Reminders October 1 – Generally the deadline for businesses to adopt a SIMPLE retirement plan for 2015. October 15 – Filing deadline for 2014 individual tax returns on

September 2015 Tax Due Dates – Roth Re-Do Deadline

The tax due dates for September 2015 are: September 15 – Third quarter installment of 2015 individual estimated income tax is due. September 15 – Filing deadline for 2014 tax returns for calendar-year corporations that received an automatic extension of

Tax filing reminder: July 31, 2015

July 31 is the deadline for filing 2015 retirement or employee benefit returns (5500 series) for plans on a calendar year. If you need help, please give our office a call.

Tax Reminder and News June 2015

Tax Reminder: Second estimated tax payment due June 15 June 15, 2015, is the due date for making your second installment of 2015 individual estimated tax. Your check to the United States Treasury should be accompanied by Form 1040-ES. June