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October 2017: Tax Filing Reminders and How to Ace the FAFSA

October 2017 tax reminders and news

October 2017 Tax Filing Reminders October 16 Filing deadline for 2016 tax returns for individuals or corporations if you requested/received a six-month extension. Pay taxes due by this date. Deadline to recharacterize a Roth IRA to a Traditional IRA. Deadline

Tax Deadlines & News You Need to Know – June 2017

Tax news June 2017

Tax deadlines for June 2017 June 15 Second quarterly installment 2017 individual estimated tax due Second quarterly installment 2017 estimated tax for calendar-year corporations due Individual tax filing deadline for U.S. citizens living or serving in the military overseas

Tax Deadlines & News You Need to Know – May 2017

May 2017 Tax Deadlines & News

May 2017 Tax deadlines for May May 15 – Deadline for calendar-year exempt organizations to file 2016 information returns May 31 – Deadline for IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, Roth IRA, MSA, and education savings account trustees to file annual statements (Form

Tax Filing Deadlines and News You Need to Know: April 2017

April 2017 major tax deadlines

Major Tax Filing Deadlines: What’s due on April 18?

March 2017: Major Tax Deadlines for March

Major tax deadlines for March 2016 from when to file Form 1095-B or Form 1095-C to the 2016 Proof of Health Insurance Form 1095 wrinkle. Here’s what you need to know:

February – March 2017 Tax Filing Deadlines & News You Need to Know

February 2017 tax filing reminders

Mark your calendar: it’s time to mark your calendar for these 2017 tax filing deadlines:

January 2017 Tax Filing Deadlines & News You Need to Know

January 2017 tax reminders

December 2016 Tax Reminders & News You Need to Know

December 2016 Tax News

The following are the tax dates to remember for December 2016: December 15 Due date for calendar-year corporations to pay the last installment of 2016 estimated income tax December 31 Deadline to complete 2016 tax-free gifts of up to $14,000

Tax Filing Reminders October 2016 – Year-end Business Tax Savings

October 2016 tax news

Are you wondering what the tax filing deadlines are for October 2016? Would you like tips on year-end business tax savings?

Tax Filing Dates: September – October 2016

Tax Filing Dates: September - October 2016

Tax Filing Dates for September and October 2016 As a reminder, the following are important tax filing dates to remember as we head into the fall season.