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HSAs as a Retirement Tool – The Facts

HSA - Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a great way to pay for medical expenses, and since unused funds roll over from year to year, the account can also provide a source of retirement funds in addition to other plans like 401(k)s

2017 Financial Planning Strategies: Small Steps Toward Big Goals

2017 Financial Planning Strategies

2017 Financial Planning Strategies Shaping up your 2017 financial planning strategies may seem like a big goal, perhaps even too daunting. However, if you take one small step at a time, these small steps will add up. Here are suggestions.

3 Simple Habits for Making Smart Financial Decisions

3 Simple Habits for Making Smart Financial Decisions

Smart Financial Decisions Are Simple – But Not Easy Seeing purchases your friends post on social media can leave you envious – and might also foster a desire to buy a similar item. That can be a problem if your

Financial Strategies to Navigate Troubling Economic Times

financial strategies

Reacting badly to bad national economic events can turn a challenging situation into a devastating one. When troubling headline news comes your way, consider these financial strategies before making financial moves.

Rising Interest Rates – What You Need to Know

Rising interest rates

Will rising interest rates affect you? For almost the entire past decade, interest rates held steady at near-zero levels. Then, in mid-December 2015, the Federal Reserve raised rates by one-quarter percentage point. Market watchers and economists expect further rate increases

Top Questions to Ask: Aging Parents and Finances

Discussing finances with your parents may be a talk you are not eager to tackle. But addressing the topic can benefit your entire family by clarifying your parents’ wishes and enabling you to help establish a joint plan for carrying

Business Tips: The Value of Time and Business Decisions

The “time value of money” is a critical concept in handling personal finances. The same basic premise can be applied in making decisions for your business.

How to ease financial stress after a spouse’s death

The death of a spouse can be a devastating experience, both emotionally and financially. As the survivor, you’ll have to make important decisions while you’re in what could be the most vulnerable and distracted stage of your life. The suggestions

What You Need to Know About Estate and Gift Taxes

Income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax – the fiscal-cliff law passed in January changed many areas of the Internal Revenue Code, including one you might not have focused on lately: estate and gift taxes. Here’s what you need to

Give your children a good financial education

Financial illiteracy appears to be rampant in the younger generation. The same kid who is adept at using a smartphone or iPad may have trouble with basic math skills, balancing a checkbook, or managing money.