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Business Tips: Set Your Tax and Financial Course for 2015

Were you less than satisfied with your financial situation at the end of 2014? If so, making tax-smart decisions in 2015 could provide a helpful course correction. Here are some suggestions to get you started on the right path.

Upcoming Tax Deadlines – IRS adjusts 2015 tax numbers

The upcoming tax deadlines for February and March 2015 to take note of are listed below from when employers need to furnish 2014 W-2 statements to tax deadlines for farmers and fishermen. We’ve also included some of the 2015 tax

Self employment gives you some tax breaks

When it comes to taxes, being self-employed has some advantages. Whether you work for yourself on a full-time basis or just do a little moonlighting on the side, the government has provided you with a variety of attractive tax breaks.

C or S Corporation: Consider tax changes in reviewing options

C or S Corporation: Consider tax changes in reviewing your options

Changes to the federal income tax code can prompt you to review the legal structure of your business. Last year’s increase in the top tax rate for individuals is one such change, since corporate rates remain the same. At the

September and October 2014 Tax Filing Reminders – 2015 HSA Limits

Tax filing reminders for September and October 2014. From the third quarter installment of 2014 individual estimated income tax and more.

Scam Alert: Scam artists target seniors

Scam Alert: Scam artists target seniors

Seniors are a favorite target of scam artists. According to one survey, seniors over the age of 60 have lost nearly $3 billion a year to financial fraud. Here are a few of the tactics used to bilk seniors of

Taxes and disability issues: An overview

Taxes and-disability questions

Do you live with a disability, or care for someone who does? If so, you may have disability-specific tax questions about income, deductions, and credits. Here’s an overview of taxes and disability issues:

Court Case Changes Rules on IRA Rollovers

A recent Tax Court decision will change the way the IRS applies the law on IRA rollovers. For years, the IRS has interpreted the IRA rollover rules to mean that a taxpayer could do one rollover per year for each

Medicare Surtax and What You Need to Know

Prepare for the Medicare surtax in your 2014 planning The new 3.8% Medicare surtax on net investment income (NII) appears to be here to stay. If this tax caught you by surprise when you filed your 2013 tax return, you

2nd Estimated Tax Payment and FBAR Filing Requirements

Reminder: Second estimated tax payment due June 16 June 16, 2014, is the due date for making your second installment of 2014 individual estimated tax. Your check to the United States Treasury should be accompanied by Form 1040-ES. June 16